Strappy bikini

Are you planning your Summer vacation? My first thought about Summer is strappy bikinis, sand beaches, the shadows of the pine trees (not palms), tie dye dresses and my favourite book in my hands. This is how I like to relax and get strength for the busy days ahead.

For me, it is very important what I wear on the beach. I can't fully relax If I don't feel special in my swims. Just how I want it to be all dressed up in the city, the beach isn't an exception. I want to have a nice and trendy swimsuit, special bag, stunning slides, unique tie dye dress at hand, some straw hat to cover me from the heat and not forget effective sun cream for my white skin.

Swimsuit season is upon us. That’s why I’ve put together this shopping wishlist for some things that you’ll need to look your best on your vacation by the beach.

If the beach is where you’ll be every weekend for the next month then get as many bathing suits as your heart desires. If you will be there only for one week, you still need your swims!

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Light tie dye dress
I love pretty dresses. After hours on the beach, you need a cup of coffee and some ice cream to refresh. Cover yourself with a light dress and you are good to go.

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Beach tote
A nice straw tote is a must this year and you can definitely use it every day in the city after your vacation.
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Beach Towel
Obviously, everyone is getting the circle ones. Here are a few of my favourite options.

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You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?

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Time for a new outfit!

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Simple Summer

My number one choice to put in my suitcase when I travel are light, sweet and breezy spaghetti-strapped dresses. One dress with numerous ways to pair and layer with. Also, it is a good base for pretty much any styling necessities. The third and most important thing is that basically doesn't occupy any space in the suitcase. If you roll it gently and choose the right material, it won't get any wrinkles.

In my first outfit, I wore a simple tee underneath. Layering a dress over a white t-shirt is pretty much a classic by now. I loved how effortless this outfit looked with white sneakers. When it was cold or too windy I put over my Looney Tunes Denim jacket. You can guess how much I love this jacket because I wear it all the time!

In the second outfit, I topped the same dress with a lightweight cropped denim jacket. I think this is the perfect option for a cooler windy summer day, especially in Portugal. I completed the look with Pinko pool slides and backpack from last year's trip to Granada. 

How about you guys? When travelling, do you prefer comfortable or fashionable? I prefer both. With good packing skills and a little creativity, you can recreate some nice outfits in which you feel special and suitable for any travel adventures. This way I don't need to make any hard choices and you can pack it all.

Outfit 1
Men's T-shirt / H&M
Dress / Mango
Looney Tunes denim jacket / Zara
Bag / Zara
Sunglasses / Guess
Necklace / Dodo Sevilla
Watch / The 5TH

Outfit 2
Dress / Mango
Crop denim jacket / Zara
Pool slides / Pinko
Backpack / from Granada
Sunglasses / Guess
Watch / The 5th

Photo: Dušan Smolnikar

Plunge Dress

In these really hot days, I think it is the best choice to wear some light and pretty Plunge dresses. I checked Zaful website and pick top 3 dresses in my opinion. There’s plenty of variety currently, so no matter what your taste is, there is one for everyone out there.

Embroidered Plunging Neckline Dress
This dress pretty much represents my ideal summer outfit. It’s light and comfortable yet chic and sleek. It has a little tribe vibe and a lot of details. You just add some gladiator sandals and you are good to go. If you don't like to wear it too open on the front put this neckline on the back and show us your sexy back.

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Self Tie High Slit Floral Maxi Surplice Dress
This one is more elegant, I would accessorise it with a pair of heeled sandals and a small bag for a more sophisticated take on the look and with a little help from wind, it can become a little flirty. Alternatively, you can add some lightweight denim jacket for a cooler evening and match it with sneakers for an ultra fashion forward step.

Buy it here.

Stripe high slit surplice maxi dress
Ohhh, these stripes are so wonderful, do you agree with me? You can wear it as a dress or you can layer this over your favourite jeans and add a straw bag and trendy slides. You will love how effortless this outfit will look and stylish at the same time.

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I hope you like my Summer dress wishlist.

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Monochromatic Romance

I was so happy when I got the second dress from Zaful because I liked the first one so much. My first choice was actually in black but it was sold out. I guess a lot of girls prefer classic little black dresses so a picked this green sheer lace dress, which is perhaps more summer appropriate.

I'm quite tall and I usually have problems with the length of skirts/sleeves, however, this 'problem' is not upsetting me at all, it only encourages me to be more creative.

I layered this faux skirt over the Sheer lace dress and made it suitable for an office. For a party, after a long day, I will only unbutton the skirt off and I get bolder and sexier outfit. I completed the look with my trusty Zara sandals and this amazing Lesema Monstera rings.

My dear ladies here is my advice to you, grab your favourite dress and put over your beloved skirt and voila, here is your new outfit. If you need a new dress, I would recommend checking Zaful site, they have a huge variety of styles and pieces and I'm sure you will find something for yourself.

Thank you Zaful for the opportunity. I really love both dresses.

Sheer lace dress / Zaful
Skirt / Morgan
Earrings / Lesema
Heels / Zara

The simplicity

This is not 30+ degrees Celsius appropriate outfit but when the Sun goes down and temperatures drop, I think it is the right choice to wear a combination like this.

I wore this for a very special occasion, for my man's birthday. One week before the event I already planned what I wanted to wear for this particular occasion. I imagined myself in jeans, accessorised with a pair of heeled booties and a nice black see-through top with a lacy bralette underneath but there was just one small problem, I haven't owned any see-through tops yet. I convinced myself that a black top will be easy to find in every store. After three hours of shopping, running from shop to shop, trying out too many bad tops, I didn't have any luck but my friend saves me.

Just one day before day D, Ana Jelinič asked me If I can pick up some of her designs which were shot for the magazine because she wasn't around to do so. When I came home, I (obviously) opened the bag and check what it is inside and there it was, the perfect top I wanted soo badly. I made a quick call and managed to get dibs on the most perfect see-through top.

As you can see, this combo is pretty basic but still boasts some special details. It is basic because of the denim piece as well as the black colour. It is a pretty simple combination but as I said previously, the final touches come in a form of see-through top. They convert the whole look into something more elaborate which is why I am confident to say that this is one of my favourite styles of late.

Jeans / Zara
Bralette / H&M
Watch / The 5th
Bag / Zara
Ankle boots / Vincenzo

Embroidery romance

I was sent this floral embroidered dress from Zaful (you can read all about it here).

This particular dress is quite nice, I was hoping that material will be a little thicker, but I'm okay with it. The embroidery is very well made and the pattern is beautiful. This season I have been completely obsessed with embroidery, whether it’s on leather, denim or on shoes. I think it’s the perfect detail to elevate a simple piece.

There is one strange thing about the item and it is the padding, which is 10 cm shorter than the dress. I'm not sure if it is this meant to be so short or is it just because I'm tall but I prefer padding which covers my bum. 

It has really gorgeous bell sleeves, they are so funny and playful. I didn't even mind when I dipped one of them in my coffee, thank God that I choose black colour.

Do you like my outfit? Instead of a belt, I added a denim shirt. Under ankle boots I sneaked black socks and I got a simple but memorable outfit, perfect for Sunday brunch.

Dress / Zaful
Shirt / Zara
Socks / Calzedonia
Rings / Zara
Bag / Zara
Pom-pom / DKNY
Ankle boots / Cinti

Photo: Dušan Smolnikar