February 10, 2018

Hi everyone! I’m Sabina and welcome to Smart casual, my fashion blog. This is my little space where I write about fashion, my style and travelling. It's a place where I can write about all the things that I'm passionate about.

Smart Casual mainly focuses on my personal style – wearable, yet trend-oriented outfits. Usually, I'm not the loudest one or the one to attract attention but with clothes I'm wearing I feel strong and confident no matter how outrageous they are. You can probably notice that my style doesn't stick to the same line. Sometimes I feel feminine and romantic and on the other days, I dress myself more edgy and urban. I love swapping different styles because one simply doesn't define me but the final outfits are always pieces which scream my name and represent me, so this is who I am.

I hope you will enjoy Smart Casual as much as I do. I look forward to continue to share more fashion stories with you.
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