May 17, 2017

Story from Trieste

I have a long list of places I want to visit. Ok, I have two lists: one with one-day trips in or near Slovenia and one with more distant destinations which include more days. I was happy to be able to scratch one destination off my list recently. It wasn't my first time I visited Trieste but previously I didn’t really find the time to see and appreciate the beauty around me. This time around I had more time to fall in love with this beautif…
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May 03, 2017

A white crisp shirt

I like to be a little creative with my outfit. Long shirt and a shorter skirt in my opinion, goes well together and I like a word crisp, I literally can see the shiny, sharp, white, thick fabric whenever I use this word. I like to carry a mini umbrella in my bag because you never know when it will come handy. Somehow this umbrella stayed in my other bag on a really rainy day. I know, I have too many bags. I was soaked to the bone when I stood ou…
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