June 28, 2015

Sea and Sand

We don't yet have any plans for this years vacation, but here is an outfit from last year's vacation in November when we were in Hurghada Egypt. We went snorkeling on that day. Basically what I'm wearing is a white striped dress over swimsuit. You can see a little bit of the swimsuit. And of course I didn't forget my sunnies and fedora hat. Boy, was it hot! One little advice. Don’t use yellow suncream with a white dress! Bad ba…
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June 14, 2015

Gouda trip

I usually don’t wear the same outfit twice because it’s way more fun to make new combinations every time. I will make an exception for this one. Kind off. First time I wore it, I went to get lunch and coffee in the city. It was a few months ago and you can clearly see that my hair was longer. The second time I wore it it was in Netherlands. The weather was freezing so I threw over my parka and I also added a smaller bag. So the outfit was not c…
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June 02, 2015

Shirting 03.01.11

Shirting is a nice Slovenian project. Trend changes so fast that we are pushed into immediate and constant consumption of clothes. A few Slovenian designers made shirts, which every two weeks get a new owner. In this time you wear 'yours' on different occasions and take photos of yourself wearing it. You would be surprised how one shirt can look special and very different from user to user.  You also pick the next 'owner' of the…
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