Shirting 03.01.11

June 02, 2015

Shirting is a nice Slovenian project. Trend changes so fast that we are pushed into immediate and constant consumption of clothes.

A few Slovenian designers made shirts, which every two weeks get a new owner. In this time you wear 'yours' on different occasions and take photos of yourself wearing it. You would be surprised how one shirt can look special and very different from user to user.  You also pick the next 'owner' of the shirt at the end.

I got Almira Sadar shirt with some nice details. My outfit is very simple yet classic office appropriate. I picked black trousers and heels and let the shirt be the star.

I’m very glad to be a part of this socially responsible fashion. I hope I will get an the opportunity to wear another shirt from this project.

More about the project here and here.

Shirt / Almira Sadar
Trousers / Orsay
Heels / Blink
Rings / Margaret88

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