April 18, 2017

Ruffles all the way

Ruffles aren’t what they used to be, right? They were loved by brides without a style. They got architectural, tough and basic, they just grew up. So it's not a mystery anymore, that I love pieces with something going on! These ruffles are all over this sweater which I really like. I plan to anchor this architectural piece with even more ruffles on my skirt. This time I even wear tights which are a really nice surprise, usually, (all winter…
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April 14, 2017

Lace skater dress

I have to make a really big confession, again! Yes, again! I have never ordered anything (my iPhone case does not count) online. The thing is, I really love clothes, everything I buy must be really special and made with love. I want to touch clothes before purchasing them, the fabrics must be perfect and also the stitches are very important. I even smell everything. I know, I'm a really weird person. My body doesn't reminiscent the mode…
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April 01, 2017

Velvet feel

I f you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw this look, otherwise you can click here and start following me. I will appreciate every single one of you and I would like to apologise in advance if I'm too boring because I don't drink coffee in best cafes or travel enough. So back to the outfit, I was wearing it for my sister's birthday lunch/family gathering. I just wanted to wear something feminine and classical at the same …
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