Old school baggy

October 11, 2018

Summer is over but I must share some more Summer inspired outfits with you. Sorry, not sorry. I have to admit that I'm actually kind of excited for sweater weather but I'm also glad that I can integrate some Summer pieces into Fall-appropriate outfits. This outfit just needs some badass blazer and killer boots and it would be ideal for Fall weather, do you agree with me? The key is to dress like an onion or in other words, use layers.

You already know that I love Petja Zorec pieces. I just love the story behind every collection, the materials and that pieces are simple and special at the same time. Every time when I'm strolling around the city and I wear one of her pieces I swear that I can hear people whispering Petja, Petja, ... or more courageous people just ask me straight: "Is that Petja Zorec's creation?" So she truly makes pieces with a noticeable signature. I feel really confident and special when I wear her clothes, plus they double as a great conversation starter.

Top / Zara
Pants / Petja Zorec
Watch / The 5TH
Heels / Zara


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