December 14, 2019

Maja Ferme x Borboleta

Vsi kdaj občudujemo obleke in izdelke slovenskih oblikovalcev. A kljub veliki želji po nakupu, se prikrade strah pred neznanim in negotovim. V trenutku nas na realna tla postavijo dvomi, ki nastanejo v naših mislih: „To je drago; to so obleke za zvezdnice, za na rdečo preprogo; to je samo za ženske z določenim stilom; to ni za vsakdanje življenje …“. Tako se zgodi, da večina žensk prej ali slej zaide v trgovine, kjer si lahko kupijo nešteto kos…
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September 05, 2019

Creamy Neutrals

In this look, I stacked some of my favourite Summer neutrals. Currently, I'm wearing white  and beige together and it works! I never thought to layer white with light beige because they are too close on the spectrum but lately, I’ve been inspired to create such clean and crisp combination with a pop of colour.
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April 04, 2019

Knitwear All Over

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, I decided to show you my favourite outfits for transitional weather. By the time the warm weather rolls around, I love to clean my wardrobe and moving my sweaters to the back of the closet but not too far away, sometimes the wind still makes days cooler than usual.
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February 25, 2019

Vacation Musts

It’s unbelievable how many of my memories are tied up with the clothing that I wore on trips. My mind immediately connects the city and the outfit I wore at that time.
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