The Satin Takeover

August 01, 2018

The city is hyped by locals, cute authentic restaurants and night bars wherever you look plus countless colourful tiled alleys to get lost are convincing enough to count it as one of my personal favourites as well. The city of 7 (the exact number is 8) hills where you have to walk quite some stairs before you get your morning coffee, welcome to Lisbon!

You see this is my second time in Lisbon so I knew it was going to be warm and windy. Cute light fabric dresses and shirt/tops were the perfect essentials to pack. I am a visual person so I try everything on to ensure I build a strong outfit while also keep in mind comfort and climate. I brought with me this cute slip satin dress which is so perfect against beautiful tiles and a windy weather. In case it would be too cold for an open dress I packed a basic white shirt to wear underneath or blazer on top. I really love dresses I can wear differently.

For the final touch, I paired it with a straw circle bag and pool slides which luckily can be easily squashed into my suitcase.

Slip Dress / Mango
Necklace / from Porto
Rings / Zara
Straw bag / Mango
Pool Slides / Pinko

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