April 22, 2015
Yes, Ljubljana fashion week is over and I posted, at least in my opinion, some of the most beautiful collections.

JSP, Tribal Issues
According to the designers inspiration is tribal but I can see some gypsy influences as well. I love this skirt with an oversized sweater, the back was just gorgeous. They are the masters of overdressing. They put together a lot of different pieces and still manage to make everything look good.

Ana Jelinič, Mirage
Fresh and young collection which makes you want every single piece of it immediately, at least I know I want to. I love the shapes, pineapples and sunshine color. My favorite is the skort and I definitely need something with pineapples.

I am in love with this green color. Design is simple, but on the other hand so strong and pieces are very special.

Petja Zorec

There were a lot of collections for men this year, but the best job was done by Petja Zorec, like always. Sweaters were really well made and the lace looked beautiful against more masculine pieces. Also, trench coat caught my eye. Did you notice thespecial socks they were wearing? Something like a cactus? So interesting!

Students of NTF
I was surprised just how interesting their collection was. Each look was really different from one the other. It was really difficult for me to pick just three outfits.

Dajana Ljubičić, Blue me away!
Every piece in her collection complements each other beautifully, every detail is on point. The models looked really tall, elegant and sexy. When I saw cute the suitcases the models were wearing my heart skipped a bit, they are adorable.

Photo: Jure Makovec

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