My chic boyfriend

September 17, 2015

A quick and easy outfit from our trip to Croatia. Simple shorts and this cute t-shirt are beyond comfortable, just perfect for an after dinner walk to the city or drink with friends. Sometimes the most simple outfits are the hardest to achieve or get them right.

This year I realised how important are summer vacation in Croatia for me. From the year I was born to a couple of years ago, I spent a week at the beach with my parents every single year. I love the scent of the sea and pine trees, relaxing on the beach and read books, eat a lot of fruit and obligatory ice cream. Yes, Croatia have some charm and beautiful cities with marinas. Yes, for me it is the perfect escape and I really missed this.

And just for the record I have a real boyfriend. This cartoon is adorable but I don’t have feelings for him.

T-shirt / Zara
Shorts / Zara
Sandals / Buffalo
Rings / Margaret88
Empowerment Bracelet  / Avon
Silver Bracelet / Karat

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