Pineapple vs. Bananas

February 02, 2016

Ok, I still have to deal with winter but my mind is still at sunny and warm Tenerife but on the other hand I still want some Winter fairytale with coats and boots (which are very important to me).

Here is a simple and comfy outfit. On vacation I usually style my outfits very casual. I guess putting on a pair of shorts, t-shirt and sneakers is more convenient when you keep running around the whole day.

We captured this photo in beautiful Jardín botánico, where my pineapple feels like at home among bananas.

T-shirt/ Ana Jelinič
Shorts / Zara
Sneakers / Convers All Star
Bag / River Island
Silver Bracelet / Guess
Silver Bracelet / Karat
Rings / Margaret 88

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