A minimalist approach to colour

August 15, 2016

Today, I’m quite excited to be sharing my second look with Freywille jewellery. Last look was more sophisticated, this one is more fresh and Summery. I want to show you just how versatile this jewellery is and that you can wear it all the time. I love their unique pieces and I could wear them constantly, especially the earrings because they are so small and dainty.

Lately I have been wearing a lot of blue. I’m wondering if it has some hidden meaning? Obviously I feel quite good in blue shades this days. I found this top in Zara two weeks ago and I choose to buy the bigger size because it is wider, longer and fuller. I really like this “there’s a lot going on” shape.

And the shoes? I can’t even speak, they are so gorgeous!

Top / Zara
Skort / Zara
Shoes / Elisabetta Franchi
Earrings / FREYWILLE
Clasp Bangle / FREYWILLE
Bordered Bangle / FREYWILLE

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