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June 22, 2017

This is not 30+ degrees Celsius appropriate outfit but when the Sun goes down and temperatures drop, I think it is the right choice to wear a combination like this.

I wore this for a very special occasion, for my man's birthday. One week before the event I already planned what I wanted to wear for this particular occasion. I imagined myself in jeans, accessorised with a pair of heeled booties and a nice black see-through top with a lacy bralette underneath but there was just one small problem, I haven't owned any see-through tops yet. I convinced myself that a black top will be easy to find in every store. After three hours of shopping, running from shop to shop, trying out too many bad tops, I didn't have any luck but my friend saves me.

Just one day before day D, Ana Jelinič asked me If I can pick up some of her designs which were shot for the magazine because she wasn't around to do so. When I came home, I (obviously) opened the bag and check what it is inside and there it was, the perfect top I wanted soo badly. I made a quick call and managed to get dibs on the most perfect see-through top.

As you can see, this combo is pretty basic but still boasts some special details. It is basic because of the denim piece as well as the black colour. It is a pretty simple combination but as I said previously, the final touches come in a form of see-through top. They convert the whole look into something more elaborate which is why I am confident to say that this is one of my favourite styles of late.

Jeans / Zara
Bralette / H&M
Watch / The 5th
Bag / Zara
Ankle boots / Vincenzo

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