La Vie En Rose

November 26, 2017

I do not even know where to start. I have so much to tell you about pieces I wear in this post. Sweater, blazer and velvet heels, everything from this outfit is new to my closet.

This pink sweater is another piece from Gamiss. I’m obsessed with all things pink right now. Another ‘trend’ I would never have thought I’d get on board with but as it turns out, pink isn’t just for girly girls and princesses. Also, I really love all the red details which make this sweater more fun and unique. It's very warm and comfortable which are very important qualities for winter pieces.

This year H&M has teamed up with ERDEM. The line represents all of the Erdem signature pieces: floral prints, black ribbons and a lot of Victorian ruffles. The tailoring is amazing and patterns are a way to cute. The collection unfortunately wasn't available in Slovenian stores as usual, this time we could only buy them online. Which made me feel very sad and very cranky. I understand how convenient online shopping is but I prefer to see and try the whole collection on the spot. What did I miss the most? Standing in line with coffee in one and breakfast in another hand after shopping with friends. For me, it was all about socializing and having a great time with my fellow fashionistas. Why was the collection banished from our stores? Are we too small? Not fashion forward enough? Did they think that the pieces were too expensive? I really don't know the answer but I sure woke up and went online when the store opened and I managed to snatch this blazer for myself, which makes me feels a little bit better.

As a cherry on top, I added my new velvet heels. I bought them in Rome and it was love at first sight. First I hesitated a bit but the shop assistant convinced me really fast. I just really wanted at least one velvet pair of shoes and something to also remind me of my most recent vacation. The whole day I was walking around with a big smile on my face.

Sweater / Gamiss
Blazer / ERDEM X H&M
Jeans / Mango
Bag / Zara
Rings / Margaret88
Pumps / MAX&Co.

Photo: Dušan Smolnikar

*In cooperation with Gamiss.


  1. Res je bil nasmešek do ušes :)

    1. Hihiiih, jaaa res sem bila srečna! Hvala, ker si šla z mano. :)

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