Dear Valentine

January 28, 2018

If you’re looking to make a statement on Valentine’s Day place your bets on red. Red symbolizes energy and romance, perfect for the date night. Fiery hue is an eye-catcher, which makes every woman memorable but even if you chose any other colour you will shine and won't be too obvious or too cliché.

A little peek of skin is always sexy and who doesn’t want to feel sexy on Valentine’s Day? Right? The key is in balancing your outfit and nothing screams balance like a killer top with jeans or skirt. I always love a good ruffle, whether it's on a shirt or dress.

If you don't feel to wear top and jeans because you want to look more elegant and romantic I also pick out some feminine dresses. Below are a few ideas from Gamiss to help you through the most romantic holiday this year.

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