Friends Forever

February 12, 2018

Who loves Friends? The TV show? Hands up! I love it, no matter how many times I have watched it it always makes me laugh so hard! So when I saw a T-shirt with their logo on Zaful website I immediately knew I need it. So if you're such a big fan of the show like me you must buy it. It's a piece which goes with everything. It can be worn with jeans, skirt or under a blazer and people will notice it, usually with a smile because everyone knows the show and loves it.

Winter again arrived in our town (we had another snowstorm) and I realized that I really need my warmer, bigger jacket to wrap myself into. This is not bad news, actually is a really good news because I can start wearing my favourite big puffer jacket from Petja Zorec. After being a fashion don’t for years, they have become one of the trendiest items for this season. My puffer is warm enough to wear it just over the t-shirt without a sweater. I can't imagine this Winter without this baby. When it is cold and snowy outside it is my number one option to wear.

During the popular Dr. Martens combat boot days in the 90’s, I was in elementary school and they were the only shoes I wore on my feet (in the summer I had their sandal version) and they are back in the year 2018. However they aren't the same, my new version is black while the old ones were blue. I hoped that I could wear the old ones but years in our garage weren't too good to them, leather became too firm and sturdy so I had to toss them. I love mixing them with feminine pieces to add some edge to my looks and today's outfit is a good example of that.

Valentine's day is just around the corner so check the Valentines day sale and Zaful valentines day.

Friends T-shirt / Zaful
Jeans / Mango
Puffer Jacket / Petja Zorec
Necklace / From Porto
Combat Boots / Dr. Martens

* In corporation with Zaful.

Photos by Dušan Smolnikar

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