Suit up

June 03, 2018

The most important goal this season was to find the perfect pink suit. I love the versatility of wearing the jacket and pants together or styling them separately. This year the whole suit situation is quite a big thing and every store have their own version of it but for me, it was still a challenge to find the perfect one.

First of all, the blazer is a very important piece for me and I have quite high expectations how it should be tailored and the quality of the fabric. The second thing is that both pieces, pants and blazer, must fit perfectly and the third thing is that it is hard to get both pieces in the right size. I knew I’ve found the perfect suit when I can check four boxes: colour, texture, style and fit. If all of those things come together it makes me feel both polished and a little bit rock and roll.

Usually, when I see something online it often doesn’t turn out the way I've hoped, planned or expected, so I when I realized that this Mango two-piece is perfect for me I was super happy. The pants are a little too big but this was the smallest size that they still had and I actually love the more relaxed feel. Also, note that I'm not colour blind, I understand that mine is green when in fact I was looking for a pink match.

Wearing a suit is a serious statement and can make you feel like a total badass. When I want to be comfortable and nonchalant, I look for something I can move around in, then I style it in unexpected ways and this kind of suit sort of begged me for the well-loved avocado tee and white sneakers, so maybe this will become my safe travel outfit!

T-shirt / Nina Stanič
Blazer / Mango
Pants / Mango
Necklace / from Porto
Watch / The 5TH
Bag / Furla
Sneakers / Adidas Stan Smith

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