A pop of yellow

August 27, 2015

Today I want to start my post with these heels. Aren't they charming? What do you think? For me it’s all about the knot and colour.

I have an unusually “hobby”. I check Zara website two times per week, usually a day before delivery and immediately when I saw these babies I wrote to my sister who works at Zara to check if they have them. A few days later I went to see them in person and they were sadly sold out, they only had my size in beige color. Not even close to the beautiful yellow ones. Two months later my sister called me and asked if she can stop by to borrow the Library card, I said sure. When I opened the doors there she was, holding the box with my new babies inside.

This whole story around them makes them even more special to me. My sister really knows  how to bring smile on my face. Thank you!

Dress / Zara
Vest / Mango
Heels / Zara
Earrings / Lesema
Rings / Margaret88

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