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August 20, 2015

My mum is always telling me stories about her younger days. How she went buying clothes abroad in Trieste, Italy, because in Slovenia we didn’t have any special clothes or it was very expensive. Going through old photo albums it is clear that my dear mom had a very distinctive style when she was my age and now this trend of high-waisted jeans combined with fancier tucked in shirts is coming back. She kept a lot of her clothes but unfortunately they don’t fit me. So no beautiful vintage clothes from my mom’s closet for me.

The funny thing is that in year 2015 I have the same problem like she did. I fell I have really limited options to buy clothes in Slovenia. Yes, we have really talented Slovenian designers, but I still like diversity of different brands.  When I go somewhere abroad I always try to do some shopping and I am hoping to find same special pieces, like this buttoned dress from H&M Amsterdam. This was love at first sight.

A few months ago we got shoe brand Shutz in my contry. On the internet I picked out 3 pairs that I loved so much, but when I come to store they didn't have my chosen pairs. All they had were ordinary shoes, nothing special or what I saw on the internet and I feel in Slovenia it is always like that.

Dear Miss (the store that sells them) don’t be afraid and please order some nice shoes because I believe that Slovenian ladies will buy stunning shoes even if the price tag is a bit higher. Thanks!

Dress / H&M
Sneakers / Convers All Stars
Bag / Sisley
Earrings / Avon
Ring / Lesema

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