Spain photo diary

January 30, 2017



Today I’m adding the last post from Spain. It has been more than 4 months since we came back from sunny, hot Spain and our trip was all about having fun on the sun.

During our road trip around the Spain we visited several remarkable and hidden places and it was really worth it. We visited some of the most important monuments and the most beautiful beaches. We saw a lot of cities and each one was unique and with its own vibe. I felt I could get lost in narrow streets and find hidden gardens behind every corner. We ate a lot of good Spanish food and wines. One thing I never miss out while travelling is good food but we always skipped the Siesta because honestly Spain is too beautiful that we would waste our time with sleeping.

I really wanna come back and spend more time there. Here is a photo diary of our journey and I hope you’ll like it! Feel free to post any comments, questions, feedbacks that you might have.

Click here for more photos.

Photos: Dušan Smolnikar

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