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March 24, 2017

I actually really like cold weather and I don’t wear only pants when the temperatures drop, I love my dresses as well but why choose between the two, when you can wear both at the same time? Yes, dresses with pants are the new cool match. One pair of pants and an infinite amount of dresses worn on top, just imagine how many cool combinations I can create!

I love this tulle dress, I wear it for everyday things not only for masquerade (this is very important information). Besides this one from London sale catch, I also have a jacket with tulle which I must show it to you someday.

This Gucci inspired boots are perfect. Trusty ankle boots are very important for me and I expect a lot from them. In addition to being comfortable, durable and chic I require a certain level of versatility from the style—after all, I wear them from the office to weekend jaunts all year round.

Thank you for reading.

Tulle dress / Zara
Jeans / H&M
Leather jacket / Mango
Bag / Karl Lagerfeld
Ankle boots / Cinti
Rings / Margaret88

Photo: Dušan Smolnikar

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