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October 17, 2017
Today I'm sharing one of the most worn and practical piece for fall and winter. As soon as the weather cools off a bit, it's time for a sweater. On Gamiss they have a really big selection of jumpers, perfect for fall! It was really a thought decision to pick just a few of them but here they are and a must-have in my opinion for this season.

Rose color
I'm so happy that pink is "trendy" colour for fall this year. I realized how good it would look with high waisted jeans and sneakers also, it's a perfect colour to pair with neutrals. I think it makes all grey days more bearable and cheerful.

Chunky Knits
Oversized sweaters are one of the best things about fall, don’t you agree? The easiest thing to wear, plus a huge bonus is that no one will ever see that you ate one extra cake yesterday. It's cosy and you can wear it if there is a chill in the air which happens more and more often these days.

Bell sleeves

This one matches literally with everything. I can wear it with jeans and boots for a casual look, or I can pair it with a skirt and other feminine blouses, at the same time it is a very statement piece, so the rest of the outfit could stay more basic or not if that isn't your thing.

Lots of buttons down the front allows you to keep warm or let the knit hang loose, perfect to wear with shirts or t-shirts underneath. You can slightly put it lover on your shoulders to expose them for that casual and sexy "I do not care'' kind of look.

Detail Sweater
Or you can pick a sweater with something special and unique. Like the small detail on the neck, or big braid all over the front or maybe you can go sexier and show some skin.

Thank you for reading.

*In cooperation with Gamiss.

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