Velvet floral

October 24, 2017

I have never considered myself as a hat person, which was why I needed some convincing to wear this one. I’ve always thought I look kind of weird when I put one on. "You look like a Brian Johnson!" were the first words I heard from my dear man. I'm laughing even now when I'm writing this, so I guess the number one attempt failed but maybe my head just isn't the right shape to wear hats like this. I will continue to try to find the perfect one to match my strange head.

I believe that adding a hat is the perfect cherry on the top for any look. It’s a perfect way to start transitioning your wardrobe into fall and really ties your outfit together, even the most simple one!

To join the colour movement, I love playing with red and brown. I wanted to double the dose of toughness with this lovely dress with velvet details. This dress is my newest obsession, at this point, I’m sure you will see it all over my blog and Instagram.

What do you guys think about my leather jacket, sorry vegan leather jacket. I brought it home from Italy, from Rome if I'm precise. I really love this piece which is so comfortable and perfect for everyday but I think I didn't buy what they have told me (there is nothing wrong with it, the quality is top notch but the sales lady said that they are handmade for their store but after I purchased it I saw that the tag was cut off which makes me think otherwise), which leaves a slightly bitter taste. Next time I should pay more attention and be a more conscious buyer.

Check the Dresslily website for more pieces.

Dress / Zara
Jacket / from Rome
Earrings / Avon
Bag / Karl Lagerfeld
Boots / Zara

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