Adidas girl

October 19, 2015

Brrrrr! The weather is getting a bit colder every day. This is the time I finally go into my closet to whip out my fall pieces and mix them with more summery ones. I can't wait to wear my trench coat, comfy sweaters, distressed jeans and training shoes. The truth is that I never stop wearing my summer clothes. Underneath the warm coat you can wear whatever you want and it still looks so perfect. I can really get away with layering different pieces, which makes styling so much more fun.

Sweater / Adidas
Boyfriend Jeans / Mango
Trench coat/ Orsay
Sunglasses / Ray-Ban
Necklace / Zara
Sneakers / DC Shoes


  1. A sva bile v Loliti ko sem te prvič videla v tem puloverčku? Uglavnem saj veš da je mi je kombinacija zebrice in te verižice super

  2. Ja res je! Zunaj na sončku sva sedeli <3

  3. Res? Meni se pa zdi da sva notri sedeli pri torticah.
    No uglavnem enkrat kmalu morava pnovit, samo še v Lj. se moram spravit


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