London Baby!

October 12, 2015

I love living in Slovenia. Slovenia is a small, but very diverse, country. We have sea and mountains. The capital city Ljubljana is also small, but people and different events keep it alive. Our country is very clean and we have low percentage of crime so I feel very safe.

But If I would ever to move out of my country I would pick London. Maybe the main reason for that is that I was there at least 6 times and It’s like my second home. I especially like diversity of people and their styles. They are so different and nobody cares if your style is unusual or if you wear less clothes or even sandals in winter. You can really be you, and nobody ask you: Are you ok, are you cold? Is everything ok?

So back to the outfit. I had the option to buy this t-shirt with London or New York print, so obviously I picked London. I don’t have anything against New York, but I just haven’t been there yet. It integrated perfectly with this pencil skirt which I also bought in London. I added black striped heels, clutch and ring that gave this outfit an ultimate touch.

T-shirt / Zara
Pencil skirt / Mango
Heels / Zara
Clutch / Ana Jelinič

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