Face Your Fashion Fears!

September 08, 2017

Every girl in this world has trouble wearing at least one piece of clothing in which she is not feeling comfortable or confident. Even the prettiest and the skinniest ones are not excluded.

Inspired by “Try Day Friday” of Dia & Co, a premier plus size clothing and personal styling service for women delivered to their doorsteps. I was challenged to try to face my fashion fears. I must say I don't have many because I love fashion just because you can adapt everything to your own figure and style and I always love challenges.

But like I said it, everyone has at least one fear and so do I.
So, my fashion fear is to wear tight top clothes. You know the feeling when you sit straight and suck up your belly in there, so you can barely breathe, worst thing ever at least for me.

It's good to know what flatters your body shape and finding your own personal style is sometimes hard but once you know what you like, you look amazing. Trends change every season and I think they are rotating even faster than ever before but you don't need to ditch your style every season, you should rather just upgrade it with items you like from current trends. Sometimes you must to cross the line and try something unknown, which does not scream your name and you can be surprised at how it will change your mind. How often were we mistaken that something doesn't fit us but after trying it out we totally fell in love, anyone?

I picked this H&M bodysuit and it's a piece I wear constantly in fall and winter but always under the dress or blazer. I added high waisted, wide leg pants in which I feel strong, sophisticated and sleek. With this kind of pants, I’ll usually (but not today) go for a simple blouse or t-shirt, something that is wider and falls over the waist it's just something I feel more comfortable with but today I made an exception.

I hope this blog post would help inspire some of you to do the same! The next morning, without any hesitation put on that piece which has been waiting for far too long in your closet and see how it will change your perspective. We can only hope for the best but if you don't try it you will never know.

Bodysuit / H&M
Pants / LiuJo
Earrings / Lesema
Midi heels / Mango

Photo: Dušan Smolnikar

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