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September 17, 2017

This is not my first time to own a shirt for only 14 days. It is called shirting, you get one of a kind shirt from a designer for only two weeks to wear and photograph it, afterwards you have to return it and someone else gets to enjoy it. Here you can check my first time shirting experience. No one actually owns the shirt but while it is in your possession you take care of it and are responsible for it. I heard, if you really really love it, maybe the designer will make another one which you can buy. I hope this will happen to me with this one because I feel that this particular shirt was made for me, when I first saw it I was enchanted.

Wearing this remarkable shirt has been a really enjoyable experience and I am proud to be a part of such a great project. I love to see how other users are wearing the same piece and track destinations of each shirt. Every person tells their own story and I find it remarkable to see the same shirt can look so different and unique on each individual person. This is what I am imagining under the concept of fashion.

Find out more about Shirting here and get full details on how to get your own opportunity to wear one of the shirts.

My shirt was made by Urška Hvalica and for the end, just keep on shirting!

Shirt / Urška Hvalica
Bralette / H&M
Skirt / Zara
Boots / Steve Madden (Ikona)

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