Silk bandana

September 03, 2017

These photos were taken in Faro, which is the capital of southern Portugal’s Algarve region. It has an attractive marina, well-maintained parks and a historic old town with charming new part of the city. In the south of Portugal, we met some of the nicest people with a great sense of humour. I had the feeling that they were really interested in us and that they wanted to know everything about our Slovenia.

On that day I wore a black short jumpsuit and pool slides. When I travel, I always try to bring along clothes that are comfy and can make a good base for pretty much any styling. I always say that comfort does not have to go against style. In this sense, I believe that accessories have a great role to play in a simple outfit as this one. I think that the special touch comes from the bandana. It is easy to implement it in different outfits and at the same time, it looks so good on while spending the day playing tourists. I hope you will enjoy today’s photos.

Jumpsuit / Zara
Sunglasses / Guess
Scarf (Gavroche) / FREYWILLE
Bag / Zara
Rings / Margaret 88
Bracelet / Jeweler Karat
Pool slipers / Pinko

Photos: Dušan Smolnikar

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