Perfect blues

March 20, 2018

Today I wanna talk about three simple pieces that make us look fabulous. We all love statement pieces but when it comes down to it, no outfit is complete without some sort of basic item. I think we all have mornings when we open our closets and think that we have nothing to wear. We may have lots of clothes but nothing we actually want to wear on that particular day. Here are mine three basic pieces that I think should be in every closet.

Striped shirt has always been my go-to. This one is from Gamiss. They’re so easy to style which is why I always resort to a striped shirt whenever I’m in a rush, plus they instantly make you look polished! This classic print is so versatile that you can literally wear it with anything and it's actually flattering in my opinion! We’ve all heard that stripes make you look wider but I don't agree with that statement. Just make sure that is not too tight.

Camel coat
The camel coat is an essential part and core item of any Winter wardrobe, a great neutral basic which will always stand the test of time. There are plenty of perfect styles to re-charge your wardrobe, all uniquely different in their styles but similar in their versatility: the mid-length and buttonless belted version, cool robe-style ... As the best camel coats naturally go with work wear, sleeker look tailored to perfection to the more casual everyday looks. In fact, I think they should be worn and paired with all different pieces from your closet and worn over and over again.

I'm sure we all have a few pairs of jeans in our closet but do we have the perfect pair? One with perfect booty fit, really flattering ones, crazy comfortable and one that we are rocking nonstop? I highly recommend that you have one pair that is simple enough and especially not distressed. That means you can really wear them almost on every occasion. My special pair is Levis 501 model, this one I can wear anytime with anything. I just love how effortless it looks, not to mention how comfortable it is! I also have a little crush on wide leg crop pair, I hope that will be my next purchase.

Striped shirt / Gamiss
Jeans / Levi's 501
Coat / Zara
Rings / Margaret 88
Boots / Stuart Weitzman

* In cooperation with Gamiss.

Photos by Dušan Smolnikar

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